Yearly Archives: 2018

May 2018 – Building Boats   Recently updated !

What do you get when you start with corks, cardboard, and a hot glue gun?   Boats, of course!   Our students worked in pairs to design a boat that would carry a cargo of two cups full of sand.   After drawing their design and creating a “parts list”, our teams constructed […]

April 2018 – Technology Workshops

This year we are excited to start a special technology-focused program for our middle-school students.   We started the year with an introduction to computer programming using SCRATCH – a graphically based system created at MIT for teaching basic concepts and enabling students to create their own interactive games, stories, and […]

March 2018 – Designing Shoes

After studying the anatomy of our legs and feet and the mechanics of motion, we asked our students to design and create their own shoes using cardboard, tape, and other recycled materials.  Their shoes needed to provide the functionality of a basic shoe — protection, improved stability & balance, increased […]

November 2017 – Marble Mazes

Continuing with our study of Forces and Motion, we created “Marble Mazes” to demonstrate gravity, inerita, and momentum.  Students designed and created “tilt mazes” and then moved marbles through them using gravity.  Did your marble roll too quickly and fly off the maze?  That’s because the marble had too much […]