Board of Directors

Ellen Concepcion – Executive Director

Ellen is the co-founder and Executive Director of New Leaf Collaborative. She is a highly qualified science teacher and has over 8 years middle school classroom teaching experience in Vallejo and Crockett. Through New Leaf Collaborative’s programs, Ellen hopes to inspire youth to learn, act and think creatively, confidently and responsibly. (


Tom Murray

Tom Murray is a retired Chicago Fire Department paramedic and a second career retired Alhambra High School English teacher. Having participated in the introduction of technology into the classroom during his tenure and observing its impact on student learning, Tom sees the New Leaf Collaborative as the cutting edge of innovative and transformative strategies designed to meet the needs and challenges students are facing in the 21st century. Tom participated in the Empowering Educators Program, and he is excited to be part of a team with a global vision. Tom believes that humanity is about to make an evolutionary jump and that the New Leaf Collaborative can impact the paths our students will take, ensuring humanity’s survival. (

Jeanne Jones

Kelli Coffman

Harriette Heibel

Debi Tidd

Mary Peeff – Secretary (