Recycling and Water Stewardship

Recycling Ambassadors Program

New Leaf Collaborative is working with the City of Martinez, Republic Services, and the Martinez Unified School District to divert recycled materials and organics from going in the landfill and into our watershed.

Our Recycling Ambassadors program is designed as a comprehensive project to improve recycling practices throughout Martinez schools. We use hands-on, project-based learning to foster environmental stewardship. Green Teams are coming to Martinez Junior High and Alhambra High School in 2023!

What Goes Where? 

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt Cheat Sheet (3)

Do you have trouble remembering where to discard your trash? Is it compostable or recyclable? For a printable answer sheet to put on your fridge or share with your friends, click the image above.

Integrated Watershed Education Program

The City of Martinez and the New Leaf Collaborative have joined efforts to 1) implement an essential element of the Clean Water Program, which serves to radically reduce or eliminate pollutants from entering the municipal storm drain system; and 2) to encourage citizens to meet the 25% mandatory reduction of water use to conserve water resources.  This plan includes the facilitation of high school internships that provided water quality and water conservation education to students within in the Martinez Unified School District.

Mutual Goals:

  • Build and maintain an effective partnership that encourages collaboration between city employees and K-12 educators
  • Create and implement an education plan that addresses the need to radically reduce or eliminate pollutants from the city’s storm drain system and reduces landfill waste.
  • Link youth to job skills, employment, internships, and mentorships while providing pathways to work in the 21st-century market.
  • Promote place-based and transformative education (which links learning with community-based projects in ways that facilitate the holistic change of individuals and groups)
  • Establish a reproducible, sustainable partnership model that promotes student leadership