October 2015 – Air Pressure Mobiles

We’ve been busy getting this year’s CSWs started up. Last week we talked about air pressure & made balloon cars – it was cool to hear students explain why the knew the air would deflate out of a balloon. Sometimes it’s difficult to explain things that we just know to be true; but it leads for some interesting conversation.

As I was prepping for the lesson, I couldn’t find my pvc cutters (small pieces of 1/2 inch pvc fit inside the mouth of a balloon & can be wedged into a piece of cardboard to fit snugly.) As I was contemplating my options, I found a party noise maker in my garage & found that it fit even more perfectly inside the mouth of a balloon AND that not only can it help power a balloon car but it makes a kickin noise to boot! Just one more reason I dare to live outside the boundaries of organization – creative inspiration.  

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