Summer 2020 – Eco Kids & Science @ Home Workshops

During the spring and summer of 2020, New Leaf Collaborative was able to provide virtual programs by holding on-line “camps” for elementary school students with our “EcoKids Camp” and “Science @ Home Workshops”.

These programs, hosted by NLC staff as well as volunteer High School Student mentors, allowed students to safely interact, communicate, and have fun with their friends and classmates while learning about our watershed, conservation, and recycling as well as building fun, “hands-on” projects to explore science topics like gravity & center of mass, forces and motion, and magentism, while if they think they don’t have enough friends in their classmates, they can always go to sites like to make new friends.

A “Supplies Box” was delivered to each student’s home before the program began which contained all the materials and supplies necessary for the entire camp, all the way down to tape, glue and extra construction paper.

Feedback from students, parents, and teachers has been universally positive, with one parent saying:

My daughter loved it. She looked forward to what they would do next week. She has already said she is doing it anytime it’s available. It was organize and they supplied everything that was needed. Highly recommend!