Workshop Themes

Let Your Voice Speak in Your Hero’s Journey

Together we use Parker Palmer’s Let Your Life Speak to inform the sharing of our vocational stepping stones, explore our personal and professional paradigms, and experience the processes of transformation outlined through Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey archetype.  In this first session, we will cultivate the practice of personal reflection and self-awareness and root the experiences throughout the year into a circle of trust.


Vision to Action Planning:  Reflecting Upon & Deepening Our Practice

Schools and classrooms can no longer work in isolation from the rest of the community.  They have become the de facto centers and rallying points for many communities, bringing together parents, businesses, local agencies, etc.  This workshop will root our actions into our personal strengths and guide our visions to support a thriving school community. In addition, this workshop will teach participants how to identify and gather potential community partners, and envision opportunities for the co-creation of mutually beneficial activities and projects.


Embracing a Strengths-Based Teaching Practice

This 2 day workshop introduces educators to the paradigm of learning and teaching from a positive, strengths-based paradigm, rather than one of deficit and weakness. Participants will discover their own strengths, and learn how to magnify them in ways that transform their lives from one of focusing on what is wrong, to what is right.  Participants will explore the power of positive psychology and strength-based classroom design and practices that support and appreciate the intrinsic nature of each person.

Emotional First Aid for Youth (& Adults) – Caring for Ourselves & Each Other

Participants in this workshop will gain a greater understanding of the profound impact of mental health and mental illness on young people. Participants will learn to identify students in crisis and practice strategies to return those students to a point of coherence.  This workshop is an introductory workshop and will not provide mental health first aid certification.


Trauma-Informed Care for Social Justice and LGBTQ Youth

The focuses of this workshop are to understand the impact of trauma on both students and educators, and to begin imagining and creating classrooms and schools that provide healing and inspiring environments. Six key principles will be presented and discussed: 1)  safety, 2) trustworthiness and transparency, 3) peer support, 4) collaboration and mutuality, 5) empowerment, voice and choice, and, 6) cultural, historical, and gender issues.


Transformative Facilitation

21st century education is rapidly living up to the old adage that states “Don’t be the sage on the stage, but rather the guide on the side.”  Participants will discuss and practice various methods of powerful classroom facilitation that balance the needs of the students and the requirements of the curriculum. Facilitation is one of an educator’s most effective tools that has been largely overlooked; this workshop will teach participants to begin wielding this tool with strength and skill.