Leading Together – School Climate and Culture

The Leading Together program is focused on building adult relational trust schools.  Developed by the Center for Courage and Renewal facilitators, the program is intended to be implemented in schools by school leadership teams in collaboration with Leading Together facilitators.  New Leaf Collaborative offers the Leading Together program to schools in partnership with the Center for Courage and Renewal.

The Leading Together program focuses on shifting school culture by:

  • Cultivating self-awareness and internal accountability
  • Improving communication
  • Building connection and community
  • Fostering collaboration
  • Strengthening listening and reflecting
  • Sharpening focus and attention

We support schools by building relationships, reflection, resilience, and renewal. 

The Leading Together model is grounded in research and closely aligned with Social Emotional Learning and Relational Trust constructs.  Research documents providing background on the model are available as part of the Leading Together program. The program is currently designed to be adaptable to the needs identified by the schools and schools teams implementing it.  So, while there is a 4-module offering, that offering is intended to be extended and/or refined based on school needs. Once the identified school leadership team has gone through the 4-module program, they will be connected with a Leading Together facilitator/coach who can help them implement the program in their schools.

Leading facilitators will work with the school leadership team to do the following:

  • Assist in identifying school leadership team members to further LT work in the school setting
  • Determine areas of focus for LT work based on current school culture/ needs
  • Support the school team in designing and delivering LT based on identified areas of focus
  • Work with school leadership team to evaluate progress and refine program as needed
  • Identify time and structures available for LT implementation efforts
  • Provide individual coaching to leadership team members as needed

Ideally, the school leadership teams will be made up of at least one administrator and teacher leaders. The program consists of a ½ day introductory workshop intended to be delivered to audiences who are considering Leading Together as part of their professional development program.  If school teams decide to go further with the program, a program will be developed to meet schools needs with a minimum of 4 day long retreats and coaching. 

For more information contact: rona@newleafcollaborative.com