Cohort Participation

R4 Constorium

Empowering Educators Cohort 2017-2018

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What will the cohort be like?

  • Be one of a small learning community that get to participate in a community of learning and practice for one academic year
  • Learn to understand your own transformative journey within the Hero’s Journey
  • Attend 4 workshop within a cohort of your adult peers in R4 schools (dates on reverse side) and a special celebration gathering
  • Attend 3 exploratory workshops with your students sharing learning experiences about topics that affect all of our lives.
  • Receive extended training, personalized guidance, subject-related literature and classroom materials
  • Receive Up to 8 CEU credits from St. Mary’s College
  • Receive up to 4 hours of coaching and personalized mentoring from local and national educational experts
  • Participate in a 2 Peer Learning Circle conference calls

What are the qualifications:

  • Work in some capacity supporting students from R4 schools
  • Possess a willingness to explore and share educational philosophies, values, and dreams with educators who work with similar students toward similar goals.
  • Commit to participate in all face to face learning sessions and an end of year celebration ceremony
  • Commit to creating, implementing and reflecting on an individual educational project
  • Submit a letter of commitment of participation in all cohort activities.  Send letter to: Sierra Mathias at 

What will be the content?

  • Time for connection with other like-minded educators in a peer learning circle
  • Time for reflection, dialogue, and nourishment
  • Opportunity to learn from storytelling and a variety of experiential activities
  • Orientation to relational and transformative teaching
  • Increased understanding of personal strengths and how to work from those strengths
  • Renewed commitment to personal and professional understanding & growth
  • Support for the creation, implementation and reflection upon an individual project
  • Connection to multiple leaders in cutting-edge educational practice

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