Deeper Practice Workshops

Empowering Educators workshops are designed to be a learning experience – one which you, the educator, decides how, when, and at what level you’re ready to join the experience.

PUBLIC WORKSHOPS:  You may choose to attend one or all of the public workshops or offer these workshops at your school for your staff.

ENGAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES: If you attend a workshop and are interested in furthering your inquiry, a series of follow-up workshops can be offered to smaller groups to deepen exposure to the information presented in the public workshop.

COHORT ENROLLMENT: If you’d prefer to have a more connected experience to other educators throughout the year in your teaching situation, you may be interested in joining the Empowering Educators cohort. As a member of the cohort, you are asked to commit to attending all of the public workshops, as well as a summer institute.  Continuing Education credits (CEU’s)  will be offered upon completion of the cohort experience.

INTERESTED in hosting a workshop at your school?