Paul Stroube

September 2016 – WORMS!!!!

In our after-school program we are studying ecology and the world around us.  When we spent the afternoon outside on our “Creepy Crawly Critter Scavenger Hunt” we discovered that there are many interesting and exciting insects all around us, even in the fields behind the school. After that we created worm boxes — […]

March 2016 – Engineering Process

In many of our activities we encourage students to create and construct projects (primarily using recycled materials, of course!) that demonstrate the science they are learning.   As part of this we reinforce the Engineering Process: Design & Identify needed materials Construction Testing Modifications/Improvements Communication of results

Feb 2016 – Dry Ice

At our After-School Enrichment program at John Muir Elementary, we recently had a great time playing … I mean learning … about dry ice and how it sublimes directly from solid to gas.   The kids got to put the dry ice in a tub of water (using protective gloves, […]